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Highly Impactful Coaches Program

Innovative ways for high impact coaching practice

Do you see yourself a coach? 

Do you want to change your life and shift to a new level of success by supporting other’s success? Would you like to build a significant success out of it? Do you want to be the leader who can coach others for ultimate success?

If your answer is: Yes


With 18 Days of learning and evolving, coaching, and being coached, this program is designed in compliance with the ICF guidelines and standards. This will provide participants who complete the program with a strong foundation to pursue and obtain ICF credentials.

The program is delivered by Senior Coaches who are accredited by the ICF, highly certified, and have extensive experience in life and business coaching. The sessions are delivered online through video conference and incorporates role plays, case studies, and practical coaching experience which would make the learning experience joyful and engaging with actual coaching hours that you can count on later!

This program is one of its kind, providing participants with a comprehensive and holistic approach and with powerful tools for impactful coaching that creates results.

Coaching Program for Impactful Coaches

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Why Coaching?

Coaching is the science of activating every piece of knowledge, awareness and perception and making it effectively useful in all aspects of our life.

Our state of being, self-awareness, and self-control, combined with our perceptions of our limitations and weaknesses are all responses to the environment around us and strongly impact our ability to acquire and use knowledge for our holistic good.

Coaching is the best mechanism we have found for enhancing the retention of what we learn and unleashing our full potential.

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